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ENCORE: JURASSIC LIVE @ GLAD Auditorium (Los Angeles)

GLAD Auditorium

2222 Laverna Avenue, Los Angles, CA

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Event Description

While based on a film you've seen many times, JURASSIC LIVE: Dino Action Show will amaze you like nothing you've ever experienced. The latest production from Old Murder House Theatre (producers of ALIENS ON ICE!), this show is the latest in a long line of elaborate parodies that drag Hollywood blockbusters down kicking and screaming to a cardboard and duct-tape scale. The results -- which WIRED Magazine called "lo-fi love notes" -- are simultaneously homage and satire, and have been called a "miracle of live performance" by and "unparalleled chaos" by io9. We're not sure which we're more proud of, but after years of single-night events and after-the-fact internet buzz, this will be the first time Old Murder House hits the road and delights audiences nationwide!


[Note: Old Murder House shows are definitely PG-13 experiences (sometimes R, depending on the night) so leave the kids at home...]



The History of Old Murder House Theatre

ALIENS on Ice!


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June 28th, 2012  11:00 pmJune 29th, 2012  11:00 pm